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You’re at home, with us, and we treat you like family.

CloseNitFamily on FOX News

CloseNitFamily's Camille interviewed on Fox 25 News regarding avoiding head lice and removal
From Camille’s personal experiences and training with one of the world’s top lice experts, CloseNitFamily provides the most effective treatment possible.

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CloseNitFamily, LLC. is a professional non-toxic and all natural Lice Treatment Center & In-Home Lice Removal Service.  We are based in Hingham, MA.  Our Lice Treatment Center is conveniently located in Norwell, MA.  Our focus is on the South Shore of Boston and the Greater Boston area.  Our goal is to treat your family as we would our own family.  We use non-toxic, all natural products with manual lice/nit removal.

781-741-LICE (5423)

Lice Removal Treatment, Massachusetts

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